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News Industry Team iPRO Delivers Healthy Hydration to the UAE


18th October 2022

Team iPRO Delivers Healthy Hydration to the UAE

iPRO’s flagship wellness range iPRO Hydrate, has officially landed in the UAE as the fast-growing hydration brand continues expansion into the Middle East following momentous success in Bahrain and Qatar.

This March, the team travelled to Dubai, visiting schools, golf clubs, leisure centres, sports clubs and other facilities to promote the product launch. The first stop was schools, where the team held product sampling days during P.E sessions to engage with students and educate them on the importance of hydration. Coolers stocked with iPRO Hydrate were readily available for students participating in after-school activities such as football and athletics.

The team spent a lot of their time at Dubai Sports City - a 50 million sq ft multi-venue sports complex - hydrating guests at corporate days and sports events. With temperatures rising in the city, everybody was keen to sample a refreshing bottle of iPRO Hydrate.

 One sport in the UAE experiencing an up-flow in popularity is golf. With the sun beating down on the courses, the iPRO team worked with golf clubs in the area to distribute bottles of iPRO Hydrate as players came off the grounds.

In May, iPRO delivered its healthy hydration range to Fairbreak: an ICC sanctioned two-week tournament which brought together the biggest names in global cricket, featuring players from over 30 countries.

After a sensational visit, the team are set to return in October for another exciting event. The brand is also set to launch into a large retailer in the coming months, marking its next step towards becoming the leading health and wellbeing drinks brand worldwide. 

On the launch in UAE, iPRO’s Global Partnerships Manager, Lucy Darrall commented:

“With the extreme heat in the Middle East causing increased risks of dehydration, there is a requirement for beverages other than water that provide fast rehydration. iPRO Hydrate are excited to be entering the market as the preferred healthy hydration choice, with added electrolytes for fast rehydration and added vitamins for everyday wellbeing.”

Looking for your nearest stockist in the UAE? The iPRO Hydrate range is now available to purchase from Tradeling and Amazon.  

Keep an eye on our official website for updates on supermarket and online listings, as well as new product launches and events coming soon!