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5th October 2021

parkrun Secures Long-Term Global Partnership with iPRO Hydrate

parkrun are delighted to announce that healthy hydration drinks brand iPRO has joined the parkrun family in a first-of-its-kind six-year global partnership which will see iPRO become Global Hydration Partner.
The natural collaboration between the two brands is rooted in the shared ethos and objectives of encouraging healthy, active lifestyles. As the Official Hydration Partner, iPRO are heavily invested in the global growth of parkrun to support their promise; parkrun will always be free to participate, for everyone, forever!
Nick Pearson, parkrun CEO, says, “We are very particular about the organisations we partner with. We have spent many months talking with iPRO and are really happy that our values align. Healthy hydration is at the heart of wellbeing and activity, and we very much welcome iPRO into our growing community.”
While parkrun is the largest NHS social prescribed activity in the UK, iPRO’s NHS C-QUIN approved low-sugar drinks range offers a healthy rehydration solution with an ultra-refreshing sweet taste, fit for all consumers.
Sophie Christy, Global Commercial Director at iPRO, says, “We are delighted to partner with parkrun across our shared goal to support people’s health and wellbeing through healthy lifestyles. Everything we do at iPRO embodies this. All packaging used is fully recyclable. iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition, Student Edition, and our new wellness-led range, iPRO Hydrate, are sweetened with high-quality Stevia. No caffeine, artificial colours, or flavourings can be found in a bottle of our drinks. Rather, they’re enriched with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, which are a powerhouse of replenishment for our wellbeing. We will be supporting parkrun in their mission to create a positive, welcoming, and inclusive experience where people can get active/outdoors and feel part of their local community while improving their fitness.
“We have spent many years perfecting a drinks range that is now widely recognised as the most loved hydration drink among discerning consumers. Hydration is not just for sportspeople. It is incredibly important for everyone to stay hydrated, whether they are dog walkers, casual joggers, weekend warriors or joining local runs just for friendship and fresh air. We will be working with parkrun to encourage parkrunners to capture and share their #parkrunMoment.”
What originally started as a meeting of 13 runners for the first parkrun, has since transformed into a global phenomenon. parkrun is growing exponentially across the world and has caught the imagination of the public in many countries. iPRO, as a global partner, will play a key role in enriching the parkrun experience across the world to support their growth.
Paul Moloney MPHARM, Health & Wellbeing Professional and Sports Pharmacist, says, “iPRO Hydrate is a stand-out brand driving healthy hydration. It is globally recognised for its low sugar, superior ingredient-led hydration drinks range which is trusted throughout the UK.”
The iPRO Hydrate and Sport Edition range are both available in four delicious flavours: Berry Mix, Orange & Pineapple, Citrus Blend, and Mango. iPRO Hydrate - Student Edition is School-Compliant and comes in Berry, Sour Cherry, and Mango flavours.

For more information about iPRO’s healthy hydration ranges, please visit or search ‘iPRO Hydrate’ on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
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