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1st October 2022

Celebrating 18 Years of parkrun with parkwalk (and How to Take Part)

This October marks 18 years since parkrun’s first-ever event in Bushy park, Teddington. What started as 13 intrepid parkrunners has since become a 900,000-strong community that we know and love today. So, to make this 18th-anniversary one to remember, parkrun have launched a campaign called parkwalk to encourage more people to get active.

Whether you’re new to parkrun, or looking to meet new people in the community, parkwalk is giving everyone a way to get started! You can find your nearest parkwalk event here.

If you're thinking about participating this month, here are our top tips!

Walk to Support Your Wellbeing

Lacing up and joining your local parkwalk is a fantastic way to control stress and boost your wellbeing. It’s been proven that 10-minutes of walking can be just as effective, if not more, at improving mood than meditating. While walking isn’t a cure, it can lift negative emotions like anxiety (which affects millions of us) by releasing those feel-good endorphins.

Preparation makes a huge difference

Before you take part in a parkwalk, pay attention to how hydrated you are. As soon as you begin walking, your body temperature will rise. Since the energy put into a walk gets converted into heat, it dissipates as sweat to keep your body temperature stable. To keep your body hydrated before the event, we recommend drinking enough 1-2 hours ahead.

Give your productivity a boost 

As a form of cardio, walking can boost productivity and performance. Taking a brisk walk increases levels of brain-derived protein, which is believed to support vital brain functions such as decision-making and critical thinking. While dopamine gives your mind a short boost, it’s your cognitive health that will benefit in the long run.

Dehydration can cause exhaustion   

Electrolytes lost to sweat can cause muscle cramps in the hours after being active, so it’s just as important to keep hydrated after your parkwalk. If you start to experience dizziness, confusion, headache, nausea or a high temperature, lie down in a cool place and keep your feet elevated and grab an iPRO for fast rehydration! Eating potassium-rich foods, such as bananas, is a good way to support muscle recovery. 

Hydrate the right way with iPROTo optimally hydrate, your body needs more than just water. iPRO, the world’s fastest-growing healthy hydration brand, joined the parkrun family last year as its first-ever Global Hydration Partner. Empowering parkrunners to make healthier choices, our drinks offer an ultra-refreshing burst of flavoured hydration with added electrolytes and vitamins.

Heading for a parkwalk? You can now experience the refreshing taste of iPRO Hydrate at home as the range is available from iPRO.Run