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12th May 2021

Paul Moloney - iPRO Sports Pharmacist

I am a sports Pharmacist and have been working at a Premier League club for the past 4 seasons. I am a UKAD clean sport advisor and I firmly believe in education to athletes being the key to clean sport. I am very interested in player wellbeing and see hydration and the correct nutrients being very important to performance and health.

I also have 16 years experience working in various  healthcare settings. I understand and believe that care home settings can really benefit from training/support in hydration and it’s important role in the body‘s function and a patient’s/service user‘s wellbeing.

It's great to be part of the iPRO team as iPRO is a brand that aligns to my work in wellbeing and performance using natural and safe products- keeping the body optimised in hydration and nutrients in either high performance, grassroots sport, in education or healthcare settings. 

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