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3rd November 2023

iPRO Hydrate Makes a Splash at InFlavour Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

iPRO Hydrate, the UK-based brand known for its healthy functional beverages, made a notable debut at the InFlavour Exhibition held at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Centre. The brand's presence at the exhibition generated significant excitement among attendees, as they eagerly await iPRO's launch into the Saudi Arabian market in the coming months.

Visitors to the iPRO Hydrate stand were treated to a unique experience, with long queues forming to sample the brand's Healthy Hydration products and take a spin on their prize wheel. The enthusiastic response from attendees underscored the strong demand for a healthier beverage alternative in the region.

Lucy Darrall, Global Partnerships Manager for iPRO Hydrate, was present at the exhibition and shared her thoughts on the experience, saying, "The show was a resounding success for the brand and the perfect opportunity to connect with buyers across various sectors. iPRO looks forward to returning to Saudi Arabia soon to continue building brand awareness and expanding our network in the industry."

iPRO Hydrate's products are gaining attention for their unique attributes, including a blend of essential vitamins, low sugar content, and all-natural ingredients. The brand's commitment to sustainability is also evident, as its packaging is fully recyclable, utilizing 30% recycled plastic. This focus on health, environmental responsibility, and innovation sets iPRO Hydrate apart in the beverage industry.

One key factor that sets iPRO Hydrate apart is its commitment to offering health benefits to consumers. With a lack of similar products currently available in the region, attendees at the InFlavour Exhibition were particularly intrigued by the brand's healthy functional beverages.
iPRO Hydrate's product line offers an array of vitamins, including B5, B6, B7, B12 and C, which contribute to enhanced hydration and overall well-being. With low sugar content and natural ingredients, these drinks are designed to cater to the health-conscious consumer who values both flavour and functionality.

Furthermore, the brand's commitment to sustainability is another attractive feature, as iPRO Hydrate's packaging is fully recyclable, incorporating 30% recycled plastic to minimise environmental impact.

As iPRO Hydrate prepares to launch in the Saudi Arabian market in the near future, consumers can stay updated and be a part of the brand's journey by following the official iPRO Hydrate Saudi Arabia account on social media: @iPROHydrateKSA.

The successful debut of iPRO Hydrate at the InFlavour Exhibition serves as a promising indicator of the brand's future in Saudi Arabia, where health-conscious consumers are eagerly awaiting its arrival, and the demand for a healthy functional beverage remains strong. With a commitment to both consumer health and environmental sustainability, iPRO Hydrate is poised to make a significant impact in the Saudi market.