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29th January 2024

iPRO Hydrate Pouch Triumphs as Official Healthy Hydration Partner at HSBC Mini & Youth Rugby Festival in Dubai

Over the weekend of the 27th and 28th of January, 250 teams visited The Sevens Stadium in Dubai to participate in the HSBC Mini & Youth Rugby Festival. The festival, featuring 636 games and 67 trophies, showcased the iPRO Hydrate Pouch as the preferred choice for rehydration among students aged U11 to U18.

The new iPRO Hydrate Pouch, a fully recyclable product made with natural ingredients and containing no added sugar, took the spotlight at the event, leaving a lasting impact on 3,500 players, parents, coaches and teachers.

All players from all teams at the HSBC Mini & Youth Rugby Festival rehydrated with two iPRO Pouches each, which was redeemed with a ticket at the HSBC relaxation tent. The iPRO activation tent offered the chance for everyone to win prizes through our iPRO spinning wheel with questions, and challenges. Attendees also had the chance to sample the iPRO Hydrate Pouch, contributing to the positive reception of the product.

Mitch Adams, iPRO Brand Representative, who attended the event, commented: "Our team had a fantastic weekend hydrating the HSBC Mini & Youth Rugby Festival at The Sevens Stadium, showcasing the new iPRO Hydrate Pouch.The product proved to be extremely popular amongst all student ages, from U11 to U18 along with parents, coaches and teachers who attended."

Emma Jordan, from Leo Tribe Fitness, echoed the sentiment, saying, "I thought it was brilliant, especially for kids. I've got 3 children, so normally in schools, they didn't have anything that was as natural or as tasty as this."

iPRO remains committed to promoting healthy hydration choices, and the success of the iPRO Pouch at the HSBC Mini & Youth Rugby Festival reinforced its position as a leader in the field.

The iPRO Hydrate Pouch has received approval as a healthy product for sale in schools from the Government of Dubai, Dubai Municipality, and Dubai Health Authority. This endorsement aligned seamlessly with the health-conscious approach of the HSBC Rugby Festival emphasizing the importance of providing natural, healthy hydration options to young athletes and students.

Since the product launch in November 2023, the iPRO team have visited schools across Dubai to educate students on the benefits of making healthy choices of hydration including at Nord Anglia School.

Cheryl McSweeney, Deputy Headteacher at Nord Anglia International School Dubai who also attended the HSBC Mini & Youth Rugby Festival, highlighted the importance of natural ingredients, stating, "We had to make sure that we met all dietary requirements, and there were not loads of artificial colorings or sugars, so it was really good that it was natural, with natural sugars, so therefore it could come into the school."

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