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31st August 2021

iPRO Unveil Partnership Renewal with Rotherham United FC

iPRO are delighted to announce the renewal of their partnership with Rotherham United and continue to provide iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition to the first team to aid fast rehydration during training sessions and matchdays. The renewal marks iPRO’s partnership with Rotherham United as their longest-serving partner since becoming Official Hydration Partner in July 2014.

iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition is an Informed Sport certified hydration drinks range trusted by sports professionals globally. Containing added electrolytes, iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition helps replenish the vital salts and minerals Rotherham players lose to sweat during intense training sessions and match days. iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition is rich in 100% Daily Vitamin C and contains immunity-boosting vitamins B5, B6, B7, and B12.

Returning to the stadium after so long away was a memorable experience for The Millers. Once again, they were closer to the action, the players, and to experience moments camera angles could never capture. As a long-running partner, iPRO understands the challenges the Rotherham team faces concerning their hydration, which develops a far greater knowledge of the needs of their players. The iPRO team was thrilled to see their esteemed club partner back on the pitch again and hydrating with the iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition range.

Sustainability is a shared focus for both the club and iPRO, with a strong emphasis on driving shared sustainability goals. Reinforcing their commitment to sustainability, iPRO uses 100% recyclable product packaging throughout their iPRO Hydrate - Sport Edition range.

Head of Performance at Rotherham United FC, Ross Burberry, commented on the announcement:

“I’m really pleased that Rotherham United has agreed to continue our partnership with iPRO. iPRO produces great-tasting products suitable for all of our players, including those with selective nutritional choices such as vegans, vegetarians, and those who choose halal. The reduced carbohydrate content ensures we can use the product within our sessions that target the development of aerobic metabolism, along with receiving a good hit of immune-enhancing vitamins for post-session recovery. The use of Stevia in iPRO is a great addition to keep the product sweet, keeping our players hydrated without compromising taste.”

Commercial Director at Rotherham United FC, Steve Coakley, also commented:

“We’re delighted to further extend our partnership with iPRO, which started back in 2014 and makes us iPRO’s longest surviving football club partner – something we are incredibly proud of. The relationship has gone from strength to strength, both on the commercial front as well as the player performance aspect of supply. We are thrilled with the continued association with such a leading brand in sports hydration.”

iPRO Global Partnerships Manager, Lucy Darrall, added to the announcement:

“Following a hugely successful and long-serving partnership with Rotherham United, we are immensely proud to continue our support and commitment to the club. Our partnership with Rotherham United started seven years ago when they were only the second football club in our partnership portfolio. We have truly enjoyed working alongside the staff and players during those seven years, achieving great success on and off the pitch. The team at iPRO are excited to continue this journey with the club, and we wish them all the success for the upcoming season.”

The Millers fans can now learn more about iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition and get their hands on what the players are drinking by visiting www.iPRO.Direct