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26th March 2021

Millwall FC and iPRO Complete Partnership Renewal

Millwall Football Club is pleased to extend its partnership with iPRO until the 2022/23 season.

Renewing the partnership after five collaborative years, iPRO will supply their low sugar, healthy drinks to the Championship Club, whereby iPRO will be The Lions' Official Hydration Drink, Sports Drink and Wellness Partner.

Looking to continue on the already successful deal, both partners are delighted to grow further, as iPRO will now support Millwall Community Trust in the same way.

The partnership will also include iPRO as the sleeve sponsor for both the Millwall Lionesses and LGBTQ1 teams, to expand its visual presence for the London Club.

iPRO Hydrate is an Informed Sport Approved product, meaning it’s drinks are certified by the global quality assurance programme for sports nutritional supplements. This allows The Lions' to know they are receiving a quality assured product, and Players and Staff can rest assured that they have chosen the most trusted healthy hydration product on the market.

Available in four refreshing flavours; Berry Mix, Orange and Pineapple, Citrus Blend and Mango, iPRO Hydrate is naturally sweetened with Stevia, a plant extract that is significantly sweeter than sugar, without the calorific content – enabling footballers to reach superior hydration levels during training and on a match day, without consuming anything artificial.

"We are delighted to extend our partnership with iPRO until 2022/23," said Millwall's Commercial Director, Stuart Lock.

"iPRO continue to be integral to the operations and wellness of the squad, and for them to extend their sponsorship to Millwall Community Trust, Millwall Lionesses and LGBTQ1 teams shows dedication - we look forward to working with them over the coming years."

Charlotte Taylor, iPRO’s Partnerships and Operations Manager, also spoke about the partnership:

We are delighted to be selected as Millwall FC’s Official Hydration Partner, and extend our partnership to supply all teams with our premium hydration drinks. It is vital to provide players with high quality hydration as part of the tough training and match day routines, particularly in the Championship. We look forward to supporting the Club in the coming seasons!

Sustainability is a shared focus for both Millwall FC and iPRO and as such, during the term of the partnership, there will be a strong emphasis on driving shared sustainability goals and encouraging the use of reusable products where possible. iPRO will provide the Club with all hardware requirements enabling them to hydrate safely and while on the move during their Championship campaign. All iPRO packaging materials are 100% recyclable with ambitions to reach 75% recycled materials in 2021.