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13th April 2018

Fortuna SIttard Press Release

Fortuna Sittard and iPro Sport are delighted to announce their new partnership, with iPro Sport as the Club’s Official Preferred Hydration Partner.

The current number one of the Jupiler League (1st Division) in the Netherlands will battle against sugar with the number one of sports drinks: iPro Sport. Fortuna Sittard welcomes iPro Sport, the 100% natural sports drink sweetened with stevia, as its Official Hydration Partner. By doing so Fortuna Sittard follows in the footsteps of professional football clubs in the United Kingdom, where multiple clubs have chosen iPro Sport as their Official Hydration Partner, among which Todd Cantwell’s Norwich City. iPro Sport is fast becoming the leading supplier of isotonic drinks to the world of sport, from professional athletes to grassroots clubs and universities.

Chairman Isitan Gun on the partnership with iPro Sport:

“Fortuna Sittard is delighted to have iPro Sport on board and we’re excited to work with them to help deliver results for us and our fans. iPro is an ideal product for us as it provides fluids, carbohydrates and electrolytes. This product is great as it can be consumed before, during and after games, assisting in performance and recovery. Having a product like iPro Sport in partnership with us is awesome!”

Hein Vergeer, former top ice speed skater and Ambassador of iPro Sport in the Netherlands, also looks forward to the cooperation between both parties:

“We are absolutely delighted to be chosen by Fortuna Sittard as their Official Hydration Partner. Finally, there is a sports drink that is healthy, works and really battles against sugar. When it comes to hydration, professional football players understand how important it is to keep hydrated and what measures they need to take in order to perform at their very best. That is why iPro Sport is the best and also healthiest choice.”

Healthy hydration for optimal recovery

iPro Sport will be supplying the players of Fortuna Sittard’s first-team with great hydration and by doing so it delivers a large contribution to their most optimal recovery. In the battle for the league title iPro Sport will optimally hydrate the players in a healthy way.

iPro Sport is the healthiest choice in isotonic drinks because of the use of the natural sweetener stevia, which optimally replenishes one’s energy resources, and because it contains absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. iPro Sport is the sports drink of the future made with natural spring water, rich in electrolytes and essential minerals, usage of complex carbohydrates and added vitamins and sweetened with Stevia. iPro Sport is suitable for vegetarians, can be used in a gluten free diet and has been halal certified.


iPro Sport will soon be available for all in and around the Fortuna Sittard stadium. iPro Sport and Fortuna Sittard will also be looking for collaborations in the region with amateur football clubs as the fight against sugar has become a very important issue for them. iPro Sport gladly helps them in addressing this issue. iPro Sport will be available starting May 2018.

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