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18th May 2017

American Football Development

iPro Sport are taking their first touchdown into American Football as they announce a four year deal as the Preferred Hydration Drink for American Football Development Limited (AFD).

Already the Preferred Hydration Drink of soccer teams across the Championship, League One and League Two, as well as teams within rugby, netball, cricket, cycling and running, iPro Sport stands out from its competitors with its fructose-free hydrating isotonic drink that contains absolutely no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners and available in three mouth-watering flavours.

As the UK’s leading American Football coaching company, AFD coaches will be hydrated with iPro Sport drinks as they deliver sessions to young footballers across the South East through their school and community clinics.

With club nutritionists and sports performance coaches offering testimony to iPro Sport's ability to deliver great hydration and aid recovery, AFD coaches will be able to demonstrate both on and off the field the importance of quality hydration.

Sophie Christy, Commercial Director of iPro Sport said:

“We are absolutely delighted to be working with AFD as their Preferred Hydration Drink. We see American Football as a key emerging sport in the UK and through the work that AFD do, we will be supporting the sport from the grassroots upwards. We are especially excited by the fast pace and compelling growth of the American Football and we look forward to playing our role in the future development of the sport.”

Managing Director of AFD, Gur Samuel added:

“We are thrilled to welcome iPro Sport into American Football in the UK and, in particular, because of the reputation and relationships it has in other sports in this country.

Nutrition and hydration are important lessons to learn when you are young, and we feel it is important that our coaches are great advocates to the children they teach. This is important in not just the way they act and behave, but also showing an example in the way they rehydrate during sessions too.

iPro Sport will be supporting AFD at a series of events this summer providing a range of opportunities for people across the football community to receive education on the health benefits of iPro Sport, to sample their products for themselves as well as providing opportunities for clubs, schools and communities to access the product online.”

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