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15th November 2022

Should We Drink Before Thirst Strikes?

Thirst might be synonymous with water, but should we really wait until we’re thirsty to drink? According to the British Dietetic Association, the short answer is no. This is because the body could already be dehydrated. Keep reading to find out more…

Breaking down the ‘drink to thirst’ debate

The body has an adept ability to detect when its fluid levels are low. If we were stranded in the desert with no water source, for instance, our bodies would know how to preserve fluids to survive. But does that justify waiting until we’re thirsty to hydrate?

There’s a twofold answer. One could argue that thirst is a warning sign the body is already dehydrated. On the other hand, one could argue that hydrating too much risks our blood’s sodium content dropping dangerously low. With that in mind…

How much should we drink, and when?

Drinking regularly throughout the day is essential, but that’s not to say we should drink every hour. Before establishing a hydration routine, it’s worth taking into consideration a few factors: the climate you live in (hot weather advances dehydration, and so does indoor heating), how much you exercise, your type of diet, and whether you have a health condition (such as diabetes).

The general rule of thumb is four to six cups - rising to eight cups in hot conditions, after exercise, for high sodium intake, or having a health complication. Since most of us don’t drink at night, we typically wake up dehydrated. That means we should drink one or two cups in the morning to prepare our body - and our immune system - for the day ahead. Other key times to hydrate are around lunchtime, mid-afternoon and after dinner.

Knowing the right way to hydrate

We all need to drink, but it must be done with care. Pause if the first thing you do is pour a glass of water, since it further dilutes the electrolytes in our blood. For peak rehydration and optimal osmolality, choose a drink with added electrolytes. These types of drinks are called hydration drinks and isotonic drinks. They vary from each other, but they both share one thing in common: added electrolytes.

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