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18th November 2021

iPRO’s Guide to Keeping Hydrated in Winter

Winter may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the most frostiest. It’s strange to think we’re at risk of dehydration when we’re trying to shut out the cold – usually because we associate dehydration with heat. During the winter, there are fewer visible reminders to keep us hydrated. Sweating isn’t the only way our body loses fluids; breathing and urinating are two common routes of fluid loss. In fact, we lose about 1 cup of water each day purely from breathing.

Why We’re at Risk of Winter Dehydration 

Notice how you feel less thirsty during winter. Our thirst sensation can decrease by up to 40% during cold weather - even when our bodies reach a dehydrated state. This is because we're tricked into drinking less fluids. A study in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise journal found that fluid balance relies on the stimulation of thirst and a hormone called Plasma AVP to regulate this process. When we’re cold, our blood vessels constrict to stop blood flowing freely to far-away limbs like our hands and feet. The body preserves heat by drawing more blood to its core. However, the brain doesn’t detect the drop in blood volume. As a result, our kidneys don’t receive a signal from the AVP hormone to conserve body water (source: Robert Kenefick, University of New Hampshire).

The Signs of Winter Dehydration

You’re not going to crave as much water during winter, so it’s important to look out for other signs of dehydration. Dehydration can make you feel tired and sluggish - even when you're rested - which is thought to be caused by low blood pressure. Low blood pressure and poor circulation can easily make you feel light-headed, affecting your day-to-day performance and concentration. A healthy brain is made up of 73 percent water, so you can imagine the impact dehydration causes. This is why dehydration-induced headaches are common and often dismissed by other influences such as stress. Checking the colour of your urine is another conventional way to identify dehydration. A dark yellow-brownish shade means your urine is more concentrated – and time to start drinking more fluids!

How to Prevent Winter Dehydration 

Woolly fabrics, long sleeves and heavy layers all keep us warm in winter by trapping body heat. However, this additional weight puts pressure on our bodies to work harder, producing extra sweat. When you’re indoors or in a heated setting, try to reduce any unnecessary layers so your body can breathe better.

According to Professor Peter McNaughton at the University of Cambridge, drinking hot drinks raises our body temperature - leading us to sweat more. While a steaming hot cuppa is a comforting treat during a cold day, these caffeine-rich beverages aren’t the most hydrating. Once ingested, the caffeine travels from your gut to your liver, causing you to urinate more frequently due to its diuretic effect.

Drinking an isotonic drink like iPRO Hydrate which is supercharged with essential minerals such as sodium and potassium will maintain the fluid balance in your body and keep your blood pressure healthy. Our brain's production of serotonin is at its lowest in the winter, which can cause problems with our mental health and sleep pattern. Consuming a hydration drink like iPRO Hydrate that’s rich in B vitamins, particularly vitamin B12, helps to restore serotonin deficiency and elevate our mood. 

iPRO Hydrate is a healthy hydration drink made from natural spring water, sweetened with premium Stevia extract, and fortified with a nutritious balance of vital vitamins and essential minerals. The thirst-quenching range counts four fruity flavours: Mango, Orange and Pineapple, Citrus Blend, and Berry Mix. These refreshing hydration drinks contain zero added sugar and are free from artificial sweeteners, colours, or flavours.

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