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News Industry iPRO Promotes Healthy Hydration Nationwide During Nutrition and Hydration Week


25th March 2024

iPRO Promotes Healthy Hydration Nationwide During Nutrition and Hydration Week

During Nutrition and Hydration Week, iPRO, a leading provider of healthy hydration, embarked on a nationwide initiative to promote healthy choices among parkrunners, students, and healthcare facilities. Visiting prominent parkruns across the country, including Peel parkrun, Colney Lane parkrun, Heslington parkrun, and Harcourt Hill parkrun, iPRO provided hydration for participants and volunteers, emphasising the importance of staying hydrated during and after physical activity.

Said Run Director at Peel parkrun, Adrian Today was a great parkrun, and it was lovely to see so many people staying behind at the end because of iPRO. It was like a party atmosphere.”

Heslington parkrun, Andy addded “Just wanted to say how awesome it was to have your two visiting on Saturday. It went down great with everyone and they really appreciated the samples. They were great on the day and a credit to the brand for the day.

iPRO's flagship product, iPRO Hydrate, was showcased during these events. iPRO Hydrate stands out for its formulation, featuring added vitamins, no artificial colours or flavours, and the natural sweetener stevia. This emphasis on natural ingredients aligns with the company's commitment to promoting health and wellness.

Following iPRO’s visit RichardRun Director at Harcourt Hill parkrun said "We were delighted to welcome iPRO Hydrate to our event on Saturday. Our runners, walkers and volunteers alike all enjoyed trying their great products. They even managed to bring the sunshine along too!"

But iPRO's outreach during Nutrition and Hydration Week extended beyond parkruns. The company also visited schools, colleges, and universities, educating students about the significance of healthy hydration choices. Recognizing the importance of instilling good habits early on, iPRO aimed to empower young individuals to make informed decisions regarding their hydration.

Furthermore, iPRO made significant efforts to support healthcare facilities' hydration initiatives. By visiting Clatterbridge Hospital, Basildon Hospital, and Croydon Hospital, where iPRO Hydrate is on sale in the on-site store, iPRO engaged with patients, staff, and visitors, offering samples of iPRO Hydrate and encouraging healthy hydration practices. This initiative underscores iPRO's commitment to promoting wellness across diverse demographics.

Debbie Morris, Service Manager at RVS store at the Clatterbridge Hospital stated "Thanks to the guys for coming in, we sold out of Orange and Pineapple on the day which is fantastic news! We'd welcome iPRO back every week."

Shena, R&D Team Basildon Hospital added “The drinks are really good and great to have a healthy drink alternative. Patients could also benefit from having a drink like iPRO on the wards as a healthy alternative to squash and water.

Commenting on the initiative, iPRO's National Sales Manager, Samuel Ridge, expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity to hydrate so many people during Nutrition & Hydration Week. "It's a pleasure to work across so many sectors to make sure we are promoting healthy choices of hydration across people of multiple ages and across so many different sectors to include education, healthcare and community activity" remarked Samuel, highlighting the company's dedication to fostering a culture of wellness nationwide.

iPRO Hydrate bottles are fully recyclable, with 30% of the plastic used being recycled material. This environmental consciousness aligns with the broader goal of promoting wellness not only for individuals but also for the planet.

As Nutrition and Hydration Week concludes, iPRO's multifaceted approach to promoting healthy hydration serves as a reminder of the importance of staying hydrated for overall well-being. With initiatives spanning from parkruns to healthcare facilities, iPRO continues to make strides in championing a culture of wellness across communities nationwide.