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News Industry iPRO Launches Wellness Range into Harvest Energy Stores


14th April 2022

iPRO Launches Wellness Range into Harvest Energy Stores

iPRO are excited to announce the launch of their iPRO Hydrate range into Harvest Energy forecourts across the UK. iPRO Hydrate is the brand’s flagship wellness range enriched with electrolytes, minerals and essential vitamins.

The partnership with Harvest Energy exemplifies the shared aim of expanding healthier choices on the shelf and promoting on-the-go hydration for those on the road. Fatigue, the biggest enemy for drivers, can be unknowingly caused by dehydration. Physiology and behaviour reports have shown that driving errors nearly double during a two-hour drive when those behind the wheel are dehydrated. Stocking Harvest Energy fridges with the fruity taste of iPRO Hydrate will encourage drivers to pick up a bottle of essential hydration.

Mani Birdi, Brand Manager at Harvest Energy, says:

"Harvest Energy has always prided itself on offering a fresh, vibrant and dynamic selection of products to our diverse customer base. We are therefore delighted to be able to start selling iPRO Hydrate in our forecourts, as an alternative low-sugar, vegan and halal-certified hydration drink". 

The launch into Harvest Energy stores follows iPRO’s recent six-year global partnership announcement with parkrun, which sees the iPRO Hydrate range recommended by the global fitness community as a healthier and more nutritious choice. iPRO Hydrate is a healthy hydration drink made from natural spring water and bottled up with essential electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. The range is naturally sweetened with premium Stevia leaf extract. No caffeine, artificial colours, or flavourings can be found in a single bottle. Instead, the drink is enriched with a healthful blend of daily vitamin C and mood-boosting B vitamins.

Sophie Christy, iPRO Global Commercial Director, added:

“Hydration is incredibly important for everyone; especially for those on the road. We are delighted to launch iPRO Hydrate into Harvest Energy forecourts, inspiring more people to stay hydrated with our on-the-go hydration drinks.”