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News Industry iPRO Launches #iPRODirectToYou Campaign to Support Grassroots Clubs Hit by Pandemic


30th July 2021

iPRO Launches #iPRODirectToYou Campaign to Support Grassroots Clubs Hit by Pandemic

iPRO are proud to announce the launch of their #iPRODirectToYou campaign in an endeavour to support grassroots clubs that have been financially affected by Covid-19 and subsequently suffered a decrease in voluntary staff members.

During the pandemic, UK grassroots clubs lost as many as 60 percent of their members, and 96 percent had seen a reduction in income. While clubs were closed, bills, insurance, and grounds maintenance still had to be paid. Shockingly, 10% of grassroots clubs thought they might not exist in a year (source: Utilita State of Play Report, 2020).

Grassroots clubs play an important role in promoting regular exercise for young people, which is key to emotional wellbeing. Bearing in mind that 50% of mental health issues are established by the age of 14, words can’t describe how important grassroots clubs are to young people and the positive impact these clubs have on their livelihoods. During the closure of grassroots clubs, three in four parents said their child had really missed having the ability to play. Across the UK, 21% of parents said their child had struggled to cope without playing football, which rose to 25% for children aged 9-11 (source: Utilita State of Play Report, 2020).

iPRO created the #iPRODirectToYou campaign to support grassroots clubs omitted from access to funding and grants. According to the Utilita State of Play Report in 2020, 63% of parents were approached by their child’s grassroots club for financial support. Out of those, 43% of parents responded to help fundraise. Despite their efforts, only 3% of parents said they were aware of any significant amounts raised. The saddening reality grassroots clubs face is what reinforces the #iPRODirectToYou campaign, and iPRO’s commitment to supporting grassroots sports at all levels.

On the 24th and 25th of July, iPRO marked the launch of #iPRODirectToYou by partnering with Dexter Sports YFC and Dominoes Netball Club for their junior tournaments. iPRO provided healthy hydration from their iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition range to both Clubs to sell at their events. All profits generated went towards funding the Club’s day-to-day running expenses. These are just the first club partnerships of many that will be supported by the #iPRODirectToYou campaign this summer.

iPRO Global Partnerships Director, Sophie Christy, spoke about the campaign:

“We’re thrilled to be the Official Hydration Partner for these fantastic events, but even more so to initiate our #iPRODirectToYou campaign and support these clubs through unfamiliar times. The importance of the #iPRODirectToYou campaign extends to the survival and sustainability of grassroots sport in the UK.

Words can’t describe the impact lockdown has had on sport - on and off the field, so it’s important we pull together as a community to support and save our grassroots clubs. Clubs like these allow thousands of young players to develop their skills and forge friendships that last a lifetime. Without them, we lose an integral part of our community”.

Founder of Dominoe's Netball, Sarah Collins, also commented:

"It was an emotional day at the first Dominoes Junior Netball Tournament after the Covid outbreak. It was great to watch 700 girls play netball after so long away from the court. There were smiling faces during competitive matches with players from all across the UK. Plus, there was no rain in Manchester!

I was proud to offer all teams iPRO Hydrate drink packs, along with their nutritional information. It’s been a hot few weeks, and staying hydrated is vital. More so, iPRO sits right alongside the core messaging we send to our girls at the club: good nutrition, be good to the environment, and remember to drink lots. What’s also fantastic is to see such strong companies coming in and supporting the sport of netball at a grassroots level. We need more awareness of grassroots sports, and partners like iPRO only enhance this."

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