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News Industry iPRO Team Hit The Road For Back To Education Campaign


16th September 2022

iPRO Team Hit The Road For Back To Education Campaign

The new school year often begins with new goals, such as encouraging students across the Nation to adopt healthier eating habits. While we’re conscious of what goes into the lunchbox, an often-overlooked part of a child’s healthy diet is what they’re drinking.

iPRO is on a mission to fill this gap by raising awareness nationwide.

To celebrate the BACK TO EDUCATION season, iPRO has been setting up sampling stations in schools, colleges and universities leading with their iPRO Student Edition range and supported by the 500ml iPRO Sport Edition range. The campaign endeavours to educate children and young adults on the importance of hydration, consequently helping them make more informed choices.

The BACK TO EDUCATION Campaign has seen a number of students sample the refreshing taste of iPRO and engage with the team to learn about the importance of hydration. So far, the iPRO team have visited Harlow College, Merrist Wood College, Guildford College, and Manchester Grammar School.

Providing healthier and nutritious options like iPRO’s ranges enables them to thrive inside and outside the classroom. Notably, dehydration can impair performance by as much as 5%, impacting their cognitive abilities to learn, think, remember, and problem-solve.

iPRO Student Edition is the brand’s school-compliant healthy juice range, made from real fruit juice with no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours in three delicious flavours: Berry Mix, Mango, and Sour Cherry. Packaged in a fully recyclable bottle iPRO Student Edition counts as 1 of kids’ 5 a day – an ideal addition to their packed lunch or for after-school.

On iPRO's visit, Richard Palombella, Catering Manager at Manchester Grammar School said:

‘iPRO, a school compliant drink made with fruit juice that is 1 of your 5 a day. The boys got the chance to try the product at the sampling session and the feedback was all positive, with Mango being their favourite flavour. It’s a great product that the boys come back for again and again.’

iPRO Brand Representative, Laura Walker, said:

‘Our sampling session at Manchester Grammar School this week was a great success and a fantastic way to kick off our BACK TO EDUCATION Campaign! The staff were very accommodating, and the Catering Manager, Richard Palombella, ensured the sampling was a huge success. The students were extremely polite, and we managed to hand out around 500 samples within an hour. We are looking forward to offering our support at Manchester Grammar School in future events.’

With fantastic student feedback and stock selling out on the day, iPRO are excited to continue their BACK TO EDUCATION sampling campaign.

As the new school year begins, we’d like to celebrate by holding a sampling session at your school. Register your interest today by contacting the team at

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