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News Industry Hydration Drinks 32% More Effective than Plain Water According to Recent Study


16th November 2023

Hydration Drinks 32% More Effective than Plain Water According to Recent Study

In a recent study, scientists tested different sports drinks to see which one helps athletes recover better after exercise: plain water, a regular sports drink, and a hydration drink with a significantly higher sodium content. Keep reading to find out which drink performed the best...

Understanding sodium and rehydration

Sodium, a key electrolyte, plays a crucial role in regulating fluid balance within and outside our cells. It attracts and holds water, which helps to maintain the right amount of fluid in our tissues.

Any type of movement is powered by the exchange of electrolytes like sodium both inside and outside cells. The flow of ions (charged particles) allows nerves to send signals and muscles to move properly. Having enough sodium ensures smooth communication between our muscles.

There are a few things that can cause a sodium imbalance, such as not eating a balanced diet, not drinking enough water, or taking certain medications. When this happens, it can lead to a range of worrying symptoms like confusion, headaches, and even seizures when left untreated.

Best rehydration choices: What works?

Last month, researchers conducted a randomised, double-blinded, and placebo-controlled study to compare the rehydration effects of different sports drinks with varying carbohydrate, sodium and sugar content. It was thought that a higher sodium and lower carbohydrate content would show better results.

Twenty healthy men who regularly work out were given three different drinks after they exercised. One was plain water, another was a regular sports drink with average salt and sugar levels, and the third was a high-in-sodium hydration drink with less sugar.

Between 60 and 210 minutes post-workout, there were significant changes in body weight. The sodium levels in sweat varied by about 10%, showing that balancing sodium in the body is vital to rehydration.

Over 3 hours later, the hydration drink and the regular sports drink showed better results at helping the athletes recover than plain water. The hydration drink in particular reduced urine production in the first hour, suggesting it could be much effective for rapid recovery.

In summary, the study revealed that the hydration drink with more salt and less sugar was more effective at helping athletes recover after a workout. The hydration drink was found to be 32% more effective than plain water overall and kept body chemistry in better balance.

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