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News Industry How iPRO Are Tackling the Plastic Predicament, One Bottle at a Time


21st September 2021

How iPRO Are Tackling the Plastic Predicament, One Bottle at a Time

The nations annual celebration of recycling is back. From the 20th to the 26th of September, Recycle Week is making a return and the theme for this year is: Step It Up this Recycle Week. The climate crisis is hugely complex, with plastic being one of the most persistent pollutants on earth. The varying definitions of what constitutes single-use plastic makes it even tougher to deal with. The purpose of Recycle Week is to highlight these types of questions and encourage more people to fight against climate change. But educating alone won’t help solve the problem. We must act on it now by proactively taking measures to address the plastic pollution issue. iPRO has long included sustainability as a core pillar of its business. Here’s how they’re tackling the plastic predicament, one bottle at a time.

It All Starts with Packaging

iPRO are underpinning their commitment to sustainability and supporting the UK’s recycling infrastructure by using fully recyclable product packaging. iPRO’s greatest priority is that each product has the chance to be recycled back into plastic bottles in a closed-loop recycling system. That’s why they develop their product packaging with qualified waste management and recycling organisations nationwide. iPRO are increasing their commitment to sustainability year on year with all associated product packaging.

Deliveries Have Gone Cardboard

iPRO has recently switched to cardboard packaging for partnership and iPRO.Direct deliveries to reduce their use of plastic. Cardboard packaging is considered to be the most sustainable option because it is bio-based, recyclable (on average more than five times) and biodegradable. According to CPI, 80% of cardboard packaging in the UK is now recycled, and every new cardboard box is made up of about 75% recycled material.

Allocating More Reusable Hardware

To reduce the use of bottled water by their partners, iPRO are increasing their allocation of reusable hardware. By replacing packaged water with a mains water supply, players and athletes are encouraged to use their reusable iPRO bottles to avoid adding further plastic packaging to the environment. This undertaking has been well received by iPRO partners as sporting organisations across the UK continue to improve their environmental footprint.

iPRO’s Recycle Week Competition

To further celebrate Recycle Week, iPRO are giving four lucky winners the chance to nab 4 iPRO reusable bottles and 12 bottles of iPRO Hydrate. To enter, all you need to do is head over to their official Instagram page and follow the requirements to qualify. The competition will close on Sunday 26th September at 11:59pm.