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News Industry Drink Up for National Fitness Day 2021: The Lowdown on Hydration Drinks


22nd September 2021

Drink Up for National Fitness Day 2021: The Lowdown on Hydration Drinks

It’s National Fitness Day 2021, and we’re celebrating by answering some of the biggest questions around hydration drinks. Fitness is fundamental to supporting a healthy lifestyle, which needs to be fuelled daily by drinking hydrating fluids. When undertaking exercise, your body perspires as a natural response to keep cool. You may not realise how much sweat you lose depending on the intensity of the activity and the temperature of your environment. Many people rely on thirst alone to tell when they’re dehydrated, which is strongly cautioned against as it’s not a dependable sign. When rehydrating, leave the glass of water behind and switch to a hydration drink instead. It’s more effective at rehydrating the body due to the beneficial ingredients inside. We explain all in this article!

What’s in a Hydration Drink?

Hydration drinks such as iPRO Hydrate generally contain added electrolytes such as magnesium, sodium, and potassium, which replace the vital body salts lost to exercise. Sodium especially plays a role in rehydration as it helps to retain fluids in the body rather than eliminating them through sweat. A hydration drink (also known as an isotonic drink) contains 40g to 80g of carbohydrate per litre (4-8% carbohydrate solution). Vitamins are also frequently infused to boost metabolism and generate energy. iPRO Hydrate contains two particularly powerful vitamins - vitamin C and vitamin B. These two vitamins provide a powerhouse of replenishment when it comes to our body’s natural energy release and recovery.

Should I Be Drinking a Hydration Drink?

It’s important to note that it’s not just athletes who drink hydration drinks. iPRO Hydrate is loved by many different active communities across the nation. Hydration drinks contain similar concentrations of salt and sugar as in the human body, which means they’re universally suited for everyone who partakes in exercise. You may think water is the obvious choice after a workout. But for the body to fully recover, it needs the nutrients and minerals found in a specially formulated hydration drink. Moreover, drinking too much water can be harmful to the body by diluting the concentration of sodium in your blood.

When Should I Drink an Isotonic Drink?

For optimal hydration, try to drink fluids around two hours before you start exercising. Fluids are essential to muscle function, so drinking sufficiently beforehand will boost your energy levels and help prevent troublesome muscle aches. During your workout, try to drink in regular intervals instead of consuming large amounts of fluid in one go. Nutrition expert Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, recommends drinking every 15 to 20 minutes during fitness activities such as cycling and running (source: WebMD). Even when you start exercising in a hydrated state, you will gradually lose fluids through sweat. Remember that hydration after exercising is just as important (or even more so). Not only is it refreshing to take a sip, but it will restore your fluid levels to an optimal condition and help your muscles quickly recover.

iPRO Hydrate is the go-to hydration drink for fitness enthusiasts across the nation and the preferred hydration partner for many professional communities. iPRO Hydrate comes in four deliciously thirst-quenching flavours: Berry Mix, Orange & Pineapple, Citrus Blend, and Mango. These refreshing hydration drinks contain zero added sugar, and they’re free from artificial sweeteners, colours, or flavours.

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