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News Industry Can’t Stay Hydrated? Here’s Why Chronic Dehydration is More Common than You Think


28th November 2023

Can’t Stay Hydrated? Here’s Why Chronic Dehydration is More Common than You Think

Chronic hydration happens when we struggle to maintain adequate fluid levels. While a simple sip of water can relieve temporary dehydration after exercising or in hot weather, chronic dehydration is very different. Keep reading to find out why and how to address it.

What makes chronic dehydration different?

For many people, staying hydrated is as simple as drinking water and eating water-rich foods. However, for those dealing with chronic dehydration, maintaining proper hydration is a constant challenge, even with increased water intake. Chronic dehydration can have various causes. By recognising the risk factors, you can make informed choices about how to tackle chronic dehydration and create a personalised plan to replenish your body as needed.

Common causes for chronic dehydration

Stress has become commonplace in our everyday lives and the connection between stress and hydration is something of a vicious cycle. The adrenal glands, responsible for producing stress-regulating hormones, become overworked. Prolonged stress leads to adrenal exhaustion, which, in turn, disrupts fluid and electrolyte balance. This results in chronic dehydration.

While prescription medications play a crucial role in treating illnesses and alleviating symptoms, they can also cause significant dehydration. That’s why it’s important to consistently consume hydrating fluids. Medications with side effects like vomiting or diarrhoea, especially when used for an extended period, can result in severe chronic dehydration.

When we exercise, we sweat and lose water if we don't drink enough fluids. The energy from exercise becomes heat, and our body needs to cool down to keep a safe temperature. If we enter a dehydrated state, our body uses up its natural sodium, which is vital for rehydration. While drinking water is good, sometimes our body needs an electrolyte drink to replace lost water and sodium. Ignoring an electrolyte imbalance can prevent dehydration from going away.

The difference between water and hydration drinks

Water is a great way to stay hydrated, but it's crucial to know the difference between water and hydration drinks. While water keeps you hydrated, it doesn't have the essential electrolytes your body loses when it’s in a dehydrated state. Electrolytes, such as sodium and magnesium, play a key role in maintaining fluids and your body's salt balance.

Not all hydration drinks are created equal, so check the ingredients when choosing one. Avoid those with caffeine, as it can further dehydrate the body, and stay away from options with too much added sugar. Instead, look for a hydration drink that offers added benefits like essential vitamins and carbohydrates for natural energy and metabolic support.

How to treat chronic dehydration

The most subtle cases of dehydration can impact our ability to perform basic tasks, which is why chronic fatigue is an important issue to address.

While you might think an energy drink is a quick fix for boosting energy and focus, trust us, it's not. Energy drinks contain caffeine, a diuretic ingredient that triggers the need to urinate more and ultimately advances dehydration (worsening the side effects of factors such as medication).

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